Friday, June 01, 2007

Eddie Mair interviews Andy Williamson on Radio 4's PM

On Tuesday this week, the news was full of shocked reports about a Dutch TV show where a terminally ill woman is due to choose between three possible recipients of one of her kidneys.

I sent off an email to the Radio 4 newsroom, about how (regardless of its tastefulness) the programme highlights the shortage of donor organs. Within minutes the editor of PM was on the phone. Five and a half hours later I was sitting in the PM studio across the table from Eddie Mair, with Charlotte Green on my right, being interviewed. Listen to the interview (opens an MP3 file in a different window).

They took a picture of me doing a dialysis 'exchange' in the studio, and put it on the PM blog here.

I can't believe how unclear I am during this interview. I missed so many opportunities to more clearly promote the cause of living donation. Ah well - another time. in particular, Eddie took me by surprise by asking what a transplant would mean to me. I mumbled something which gave the impression that it wouldn't be that big a deal. Sorry Eddie - that was a lie. Some of the real answers are here, along with other answers to the same question from some of the members of the KPG forum.



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