Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Do you use 'Myspace'?

I've been playing with that today. I now look after three 'sites' on Myspace:

Big Buzzard for my own stuff and the Big Buzzard Boogie Band.

Flat Five Records for the record label I run with the Potts brothers.

Coro Choir for a choir I've been singing with recently.

if you use Myspace, feel free to add any or all of these as your 'friends' and I'll return the favour.

I know Myspace is perhaps yesterday's news - especially now that Rupert Murdoch owns it. But I still like the idea of it, and it seems to have retained it's original ethos. There's loads of great original music to be found there.


At 6:53 pm, Anonymous Steve said...

Andy, you need to knock the '/' off the end of each link or it won't work... :o)


At 7:08 pm, Blogger Big Buzzard said...

Done. One of those times where trying to be good bites one in the bum.


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