Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hello Blog. It's me. Yes me. Sorry to neglect you for so long. I've spent most of the time since we last met either cooking, or driving to enormous shops (Booker, Makro, etc) and filling up an ancient camper van with stuff that other people can cook. So much filling up of the van that it finally gave up and died approximately here. It's now here where it's going to stay until I can find someone to take it away.

Just done some cooking of my own, and made the best veggie instant soup, with the scraps in the cupboards. If you feel the urge, here's how:
One small onion
two spring onions
2 sticks of celery
one potato

Chop it all up and chuch it in a pot with some hot olive oil. Add some pepper and some chilli and lemon seasoning (that's what I happen to have here). Fry it for a while. Add a fistful of red lentils (or Masoor Polished) as the bag I have calls them), then fill up the pot with boiling water.

Dice I large courgette

and add that to the pot. I also threw in a handful of fresh basil.

20-30 minutes later, after it's all been bubbling away, I poured a large bowlful into another pot, got out the hand blender and zizzed it up, then added a quick pour of natural yoghurt, and that's that.

Instant Soul Food (well almost).


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