Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A london evening

Woke up this morning at Maff's house in deepest Oxfordshire, after a night of fine conversation, top roast chicken, and the best three bottles we could find in Wine Rack for under a tenner. There was hardly time for a quick stroll in the countryside in the spring sunshine before legging it to the motorway to just miss an Oxford Tube (seems that happens with every bus I try to get at the moment). Back to London to be hooked up to the dialysis machine for what seemed like most of the day. When I finished, had a really strong urge to be in what was left of the evening sunshine (this was about 7pm), so wandered across London bridge, before heading off to Tottenham Court Road to try and find a charger for a sony camcorder. Too late, everything shut. Apart from the sunshine, it felt like one of those days.


At 11:34 am, Anonymous Igor Markaida said...

Andy, I got here from Big Buzzard's mailing list. It really shits to know about your kidneys condition but it is great to see you carry on pretty much as usual. Certainly, it doesn't seem to have an effect on your alcohol intake !


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