Thursday, March 16, 2006

a mystery gig

I'm writing this as I sit waiting in the QEH - for a mystery concert. I have no idea who's avout to come on to the stage. I'm here at the behest of Steve who had a spare ticket - though he's teaching so not here yet. He did say who was playing, though I've never heard of them. An Oud was mentioned, so I'm expecting something possibly a bit North African. The stage is full of guitars and a drum kit, and a guy has just come on and is making very world music sounding names. I'd better fold this laptop up and listen...

Well it, turned out to be an amazing Turkish guitarist Erkan Ogur with Ilkin Deniz on bass and Turgut Alp Bekoglu on drums. A stunning concert promoted by Kazum who look like they do some interesting stuff in London. Something like an oud was indeed produced for the final number, an Anatolean lullaby. We ended up in a great turkish restaurant Ishtar after the gig with the band and their entourage. A great crowd.


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