Sunday, March 19, 2006


Just listening to the Food Programme discussing coffee.

Interesting interview with American cardiology scientist Professor Robert Superko, talking about the specific effects of drinking caffinated or decaffinated coffee. He says the two drinks are very different, coming from different beans. He says that drinking decaff can increase your cholesterol level, whereas 6 cups a day of caffinated stuff can increase your blood pressure by 8-10 points.

One of the things that's really been made clear to me over the past two weeks, is that the prolonged high blood pressure that I've had for most of my adult life, has hastened my reduction in kidney function - basically high blood pressure damages kidneys. I've always been a fan of strong coffee - and spent most of my twenties perfecting the art of making espresso at home. I was always reluctant to take drugs to reduce BP, feeling that I didn't want to be taking some chemical for the rest of my life, and that *obviously* I'd reduce my BP by losing some weight and getting fitter. Well, the road to hell was paved many times over, with that intention, and it never really happened, so I suppose I should have swallowed my pride - and the pills!


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