Thursday, July 19, 2007

On the radio again

Yesterday. Maff and I got interviewed by Eddie Mair. Here's how it happened...

After the reports on Tuesday about the Government Chief Medical Officer recommending that the organ donor register be made opt-out, I posted something here on the PM blog about it. In another thread here a lot of people got hot under the collar about this proposal.

On Wednesday morning, someone from the PM production office called to ask whether I, and my donor, would be prepared to be interviewed about living donation. I tried to track down Maff, to be told by his office that he was in Birmingham then Milton Keynes. But anything is possible! I texted him, and got one back. I sent him the PM office number. He got the person who met him at the station to make a detour via the BBC in Birmingham on the way to the conference where he was speaking. Meanwhile, I got on my bike and rode to Broadcasting House in central London. Just after mid day, I was shown into a tiny studio, and told to put on the headphones and wait. A few minutes later, Maff and Eddie Mair were in my ears, and wwe were having a three-way conversation. There's a link to the whole thing here. A slightly shorter version was broadcast at about 5.45pm.



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